Safety & Environmental


Purpose: To provide a healthy and safe work environment for all employees.

The leaders of Mesa Mechanical believe the safety and health of employees is of primary importance. Safety does not just happen; it requires commitment by everyone. Mesa Mechanical’s safety process is directed at the executive-level by the officers of the company. Mesa Mechanical’s Director of Safety coordinates to assist in the success of programs and regulatory changes. Also integral to the safety process is working in cooperation with the operations managers, supervisors, and foremen. They are responsible on a daily basis to ensure the corporate commitment to safety translates into a job site priority.

Mesa Mechanical’s goal is to eliminate work-related safety and health injuries to employees and to provide a safe work environment. To achieve this goal, we will concentrate our efforts in the following areas:

Safety is our number one priority.

Provide employee training, education, certifications, and PPE.

Maintain active in-house safety committees.

Assess hazards in the workplace.

Maintain safe operating equipment.

Maintain training with safety and health organizations.

Follow all customer safety procedures. Additional Safety Information available upon request.


Purpose: To protect the environment and conserve natural resources in the design, production, and distribution of products and services.

It is the goal of Mesa Mechanical to be recognized by our customers, employees, and community as a responsible business committed to continual improvement in environmental recycling management and pollution prevention in all business activities.

To achieve this goal, Mesa Mechanical will:

Manage routine reviews and revise our Environmental Policy to ensure its continuing adequacy and effectiveness.

Comply with all applicable local, state, and federal environmental laws and regulations.

Promote the prevention of pollution, the reduction of waste, and the minimization of resource consumption.

Educate all employees on their relevant roles and responsibilities for protecting the environment.